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Do you work with people, for example, as a therapist, cosmetologist, hairdresser, massagist, bartender, cashier or a recipient of reclamation? Or are you the trusted shoulder who all are telling their troubles and thus receiving a better mind? Do you feel tired from day to day, sleeping uncomfortably. Have you noticed your immunity has weaken? Do you notice being sick, with flu more often than before?

Have you noticed that some people’s company takes your strength and you may wonder why this happend. Real life vampires do not suck your blood but your energy. During the Energy Week course we will teach you how to protector yourself and how to identify energy vampires. You’ll learn what makes people fight of each other’s energy and why there are nearly chronic lack of energy. There is an endless source of energy when you just learn how to connect it.

Do you often feel negative, sad or stressed? Have your relationships changed more complicated and social life is getting worse day by day? You only need to learn to measure your own vibration level and find energy blocks of your aura, or your bio-energy field. They will fall down your vibration and mood and cause blockages in your chakras or energy centres, causing a variety of problems and illnesses.

In addition to the seven basic chakras, we tech about chakras out of the body, above and below, their importance, their cleansing and activation. We also teach to find and removal evil eyes and curses.

Studies indicate that most of our sicknesses are stress-based. During stress, the body is on fight or fly mode and it drops out some less essential functions than direct survival ones. Some childhood events may caused harmless stress trigger blocks in the body and may lead to troublesome situations when we do not understand why a certain situation makes us to react strange or may frighten ourselves and put us into anxious emotion. During the stress week, we teach to identify these situations, manage stress and eliminate these stresses trigger memories.

We teach very effective methods of adding bio-energy and vibration during the Healer Academy Courses ( . These methods help you to raise your personal energy and vibration in your environment, eliminate fears and tensions, and you learn how to improve and maintain your own and others physical and mental health.

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